Hilltop Neighborhood House Staff

Here are the faces you’ll see daily at Hilltop:


Jennifer Wright

President and CEO

Amy Osburn

Vice President and Director

Lizette Pina

Director of Targeted Outreach

Lisa Pavlopoulos

Director of Finance

Stayce Christ

Lead Teacher Kindergarten Readiness Level 3

Michelle Turner

Kindergarten Readiness Level 3 Teacher

Marylin Ahner

Lead Teacher Kindergarten Readiness Level 2

Alicia Harden

Kindergarten Readiness Level 2 Teacher

Taylor Thorpe

Lead Teacher Kindergarten Readiness Level 1

Kacie Mihal

Kindergarten Readiness Level 1 Co-Lead Teacher

Ashley Patterson

Lead Teacher Toddler 2

Jackie Hart

Associate Teacher Toddler 2

Rezina Ahmed

Associate Teacher Toddler 1

Lexi Dunkel

Toddler 1 Teacher

Lucille McBride

Lead Teacher Infant/Toddler

Catalina Allen

Infant Teacher

Jennifer Ayres

Infant Teacher

Jose Pina

Food Pantry Coordinator

Samyra Leonard

Walt’s Place Summer Staff

Kelly Mersman

Walt’s Place Summer Staff

Jacob Wallace

Walt’s Place Summer Staff

Audrey Ramsey