Hilltop Food Pantry

Hilltop Food Pantry

Nearly 20,000 people in Porter County are food insecure. This means: 1 in 10 of our neighbors do not know where their next meal is coming from; 1 in 5 children across Porter County is food insecure; Indiana has the 8th highest rate in senior hunger of the United States.

For 23 years, Hilltop Food Pantry has been serving families in Valparaiso, IN. Over 600 individuals a month come to us for basic food assistance and support.

Living with food insecurity means making tough choices.

  • 69% have had to choose between paying utilities or food
  • 67% have had to choose between paying for transportation and food
  • 66% have had to choose between paying for medication and food
  • 57% have had to choose between paying for housing and food


55% of families living with food insecurity report having to use 3 or more of the following coping strategies within the first year:

  • 79% buy inexpensive or unhealthy food
  • 53% receive help from friends
  • 40% water down food or drinks
  • 35% sell or pawn personal property
  • 23% grow food in a garden


* Numbers collected by Food Bank of Northwest Indiana

Thank you for your sponsorship of the Hilltop Neighborhood House Food Pantry.

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Food on Shelves at Hilltop Food Pantry


Hilltop Food Pantry provides resources, support and advocacy for food insecure individuals living in Valparaiso, IN. Please call (219) 477-4222 to schedule a drop off or pick up time.

New Location!

Our new Hilltop Food Pantry is located at 606 Union, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Please call 219-477-4222 for hours and more information.

Proposed Hilltop Food Pantry


The Hilltop Food Pantry is staffed with volunteers from area churches, other community volunteers and Valparaiso University Work Study students. Without the dedication and hard work of these priceless individuals, families in need would not receive the food they need. If interested in volunteering, please contact our main office at (219) 477-4222.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Choices Program

Hilltop’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Choices Program teaches a positive lifestyle, including healthy eating, physical activity, and overall wellness. Hilltop has over 20 partners and collaborators to ensure our Healthy Kids, Healthy Choices programing is successful. Partners include, but are not limited to: the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), The NWI Food Bank, Valparaiso Community Schools, Valparaiso University School of Nursing, Purdue University Extension Nutrition Education Program, St. Mary’s Medical Center, and Valparaiso University.

Hands-on Activities

Valparaiso University’s School of Nursing implements fun and educational lessons on healthfulness. Topics include handwashing, nutrition and exercise, dental care, water safety, and fire safety…just to name a few.

VU Nurses at Hilltop

Daily Physical Activity

Programs like Minds in Motion and LAUNCH, though St. Mary’s Medical Center, put the fun into fitness. These programs use daily exercise to promote physical, mental, and social/emotional development by emphasizing what children innately crave to do – move!